Three Reasons To Gain Employment As A Summer Camp Counselor

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If you're a teenager who is looking for a summer job, you may wish to see if a co-ed summer camp in your area is hiring counselors. While senior counselors need experience, camps often hire junior counselors who haven't previously been employed in this type of work. If you went to summer camp, you might be eager to return in the capacity of a counselor — but, even if you didn't attend camp, this can be an ideal environment to join. There are many reasons that you may wish to consider joining your local summer camp as a counselor, including the following.

Builds A Work History

For many junior camp counselors, this is the first time that they're legitimately employed. It's always handy to begin building a work history so that if you wish to apply for a different job a summer or two from now, or even a part-time job during the school year, you'll have some entries on your resume. Even if you don't work as a camp counselor in the future, the skills that you develop in this role can make you appealing to future prospective employers. For example, you'll need to be a team player as a camp counselor, be effective with making decisions, and have an energetic personality.

Offers More Fun

Working as a camp counselor can easily provide you with more fun than other summer jobs that high school students take. For example, while your friends might be working at the local supermarket or employed in the world of fast food, you'll be spending your days outside playing a variety of games. You'll enjoy nature hikes, swimming, sports, rock climbing, and all sorts of other activities. Even though you're a counselor, you'll still be participating in many of the activities, and you'll do it all in the sun and fresh air.

Keeps You Active

Many people spend the bulk of their working careers sitting at a desk, and they may experience back pain and weight gain partially as a result. If you have the opportunity to work in a field in which you've active throughout the day, it's ideal to take. Working as a camp counselor involves very little sitting — you'll spend the bulk of your days on your feet moving, which can keep you in shape, promote better mental health, and even show you the value of exercise. It's never too early to begin to check out different summer camps in your area and explore summer job availabilities.