Being Prepared For Survival Requires Staying Prepared

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Whether is it the zombie apocalypse, a nuclear war, or a natural disaster, everyone should have some type of plan and things put aside for survival. Just because you have a bunch of food, water, medical supplies, and a tent stored in the basement is not enough. You need to go through your survival kit regularly for maintenance. To be really prepared you have to be sure to stay actually prepared.

Food and Water

Even canned or dehydrated foods can expire. You need to go through your food supplies twice a year. Replace boxed goods every six months and canned goods once a year. You can choose to throw out the food, feed it to animals that can eat it, or spend a few days eating it yourself. Water needs to be replaced every six months too. You can use it to wash the car, top off a swimming pool, water the animals or garden, or have a water balloon fight. Food and water are going to be very important in an emergency situation, don't let them go bad.

Medical Supplies

All medications need to be replaced before the expiration date on the bottles. This doesn't mean you have to ask your doctor for extras more than the first time you set up the survival kit. Use the ones that are about to expires and replace with new. Keep a log of when each will expire so you can remember to replace them before they do. Syringes, tubing, and other medical supplies should be replaced as well. These items can break down over time. You do not want the tubes for someone's oxygen tank to have holes where the plastic started to disintegrate when there is no way to get a new supply.

Tent and Gear

Bugs, rodents, and water can destroy most survival gear if not taken out, aired out, cleaned, and repaired regularly. Don't forget to check any fuels you have stored as they can evaporate or even solidify if not used. When you are going through your food supplies take some extra time to inspect all the other gear too.

To make staying prepared more fun, turn it into a survival drill. You can either go on a camping trip or set everything up in the backyard. However, since this is a drill to make sure everyone understands what has to be done and how to do things when there is no choice but to do so, make sure no one goes back into the house until the drill is over. You may end up going without something you really need for this short experiment but as soon as the drill is over you can add it to your kit. Letting someone go into town or back into the house for something downplays the importance of being prepared. Talk with a supplier, like Urban Preparedness, for more.